Rowan points to her favorite lettuce.

Krista, Zea and Barry enjoy the Queen's Bath at Makalavena.

Baby Manu

Ken with some of his finest.

Midnight is the name of our friendly lab.

Zea enjoys playing in the rain...
...and Barry does too!

Meet the Families

Kealaola farm is a five acre property owned jointly by two families: Barry Levine, Krista Olson, their daughter Zea, and son Manu, and Ken and Usha Kotner, and their two daughters, Ella and Rowan. The eight of us live on the farm and share much of our lives with the apprentices who come and work on Kealaola Farm.

A few animals inhabit the farm. The cute black dog is named Midnight. Victor is the black and white cat that lives around the warehouse. Patch is the calico cat that lives up at the Kotners'.

There are currently three buildings on the farm: the Kotner's house, Barry and Krista's house, and "The Warehouse," which is situated between the two houses. The Warehouse is a multi-purpose communal space. It functions as a production area, shop, office, storage, and apprentice kitchen and hangout spot.

Ken and Barry run the farm business. Usha and Krista work in town in the fields of Law and Community Health.

Ella in her role of croquet champion for the day.

Usha waits her turn.

Zea, Rowan, and some of their friends hanging out in the warehouse.

Ken and Usha enjoy a game of football on Thanksgiving.

Victor is the farm cat.

Ken and Barry standing proudly in front of boxes of freshly harvested lettuce.