A lovely Kona sunset.

Lauren watering starts.

Sam harvesting.

Prep station.

Lettuce patch.

Prepping lettuce.

Sam bagging redleaf.

The crew in action: Laura, Lauren, Scott and Barry.

Apprentices can eat from our vegetable garden.

Apprentices planting lettuce.

The whole farm gathers for dinner on Fridays.

Deena puts some love into it.

Apprentices and friends in the warehouse

An apprentice has discovered our tasty lettuce in a local grocery store.

Ken during harvest.

Farm Photos

Enjoy these photos of the farm. We encourage people who have been to the farm to e-mail us great photos they have taken. We would like to compile them and have them available to view on the web page.

A fresh crop.

Fancy new boxes.

Sunset view from the apprentice tents.

Crew photo from 2005.

Apprentice shelters vith a view of the ocean.

Green bananas waiting to ripen.

The lower fields.

Outdoor shower facilities.

Seeding trays.

Every farm needs a tractor.
The fall 2007 crew playing in the rain

Pruning coffee trees.

Washing lettuce on a busy harvest day.

Beautiful coffee cherry.

Lettuce beds with the ocean in the background.