About the Farm


Welcome to Keala'ola Farm!

Keala'ola farm is a five acre property owned by Barry Levine, Krista Olson, their daughter Zea, and son Manu. The family lives on the farm and shares much of their lives with the apprentices who come and work at Keala'ola. 

There are currently five buildings on the property: Barry and Krista's house, another rental home, and two yurts. The property also features "The Warehouse," which is situated between the two houses. The Warehouse is a multi-purpose communal space which functions as a production area, shop, office, storage, and apprentice kitchen and hangout.

 Barry runs the farm business with the help of apprentices. Krista works in town in the field of Community Health.


We're proudly featured in many markets in and around Kailua-Kona. You can currently find our produce at Choice Mart, Island Naturals Kailua-Kona, KTA Keauhuo, and KTA Kailua-Kona. Local restaurants such as Harbor House, Body Glove, and Getsum Pizza feature our lettuce on their menus. Our produce is also distributed through-out the Big Island via Adaptations, Cal-Kona, and Suisan.

Interested in offering Keala'ola produce in your establishment? Visit our wholesale contact page.