Wholesale Information


West Hawaii's premier producer of premium island greens for over 30 years. All products USDA certified organic by Organic Certifiers Inc.


Harvested and delivered the same day (Monday and Thursday afternoons) with a minimum order of one case. Our products are known for incredibly long shelf life, especially compared to mainland greens.


All of our lettuces are cleaned and trimmed in our processing facility, leading to faster prep and less loss on your store.


While we make every effort to have each product available every harvest, due to weather and growing conditions beyond our control, occasionally certain products might not be available. Call in advance for inquiries on availability.

Product List

Green leaf

Red leaf


Red and Green Butterhead

Spring Mix: This blend of 5-7 varieties combines balanced color with balanced texture. Includes green oak leaf, red oak leaf, green lolla rossa, red lollo rossa, bibb lettuces, green baby romaine, red baby romaine, etc. ]

Red and Green Baby Romaine:  An unusual and highly desirable mini-bib-like variety, perfect cut into leaves or served sliced in half ("on the half-shell").  

Variety Pack: Five baby varieties in pads-- specifically designed for kitchens interested in maintaining the choice of timing, quantity, and ratio of fresh-cutting into leaves.

To order, please fill out an order inquiry form, contact Barry Levine by phone (808) 322-9253 or e-mail kealaola.applications@gmail.com.